Adeline Rose {Birth}

I hardly take on any births anymore - my schedule doesn't allow me to be as flexible as I once was... (I am very thankful for how full my life is!) But with Sarah, we had a flexible arrangement between us and little Adeline Rose arrived on the perfect day!

We were talking and hanging out while watching some awful crime solving show (no, not Criminal Minds... that show rocks) after the nurse upped her pitocin and broke her water. I stepped out to make a quick phone call - seriously, less than 4 minutes long in the hallway outside her door! Came back with a nurse running out of Sarah's door saying, "Get Dr. Iforgethisnamebuthedidagreatjob - we're having a baby!!!" Less than 10 minutes later Adeline Rose was born and put in the arms of her mother who exclaimed, " You're here! You're finally here!"

8Ilbs 11 oz of cuteness delivered drug free and quick as can be on Monday, April 4th.


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