The Best Husband is Being Promoted to Daddy!

Diana texted me early one morning asking if I wanted to take a picture of her. I knew right away. She was preggers!

Gordy, her hubby, was out of town on business so she wanted to put together a photoshoot to announce that he was going to be called Daddy soon (well, unless you are the one carrying the pregnancy! it goes a lot faster for the bystanders). Why tell him over the phone when we could get together the afternoon after his arrival and take a memory of the moment?

The set-up: Holiday photo (they did one last year, as well) for their cards

The time: The last moment of possible sunshine after work during an Alaska late-fall season

This guy is excited to become a dad (and has said as much many times) and Diana has the cutest little bump. Boy or girl? No one knows, yet! I'm crossing my fingers for a boy. Diana is set on a baby girl.

We also threw in a few ugly sweater shots. Fake holiday + cats = Christmas giggles

Congratulations to the Pullars!

#lewingphotography #pregnancyannouncement #anchoragephotographer

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